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Soal (Pilihan Ganda) Simple Present Tense dan Jawaban

Contoh Soal Pilgan Tentang Simple Present Tense

1. Does your friend .... about this problem?
a. Understands
b. To understand
c. Understand
d. Understood

2. My Biology teacher .... always kind to every student.
a. Are
b. Is
c. Am
d. Was

3. The earth .... once within 24 hours every day.
a. Rotating
b. Rotates
c. Rotate
d. Rotated

4. Handoko And Mrs Sunarni ....always happy every time.
a. Am
b. Is
c. Are
d. Were

5. My father doesn’t .... coffee every morning.
a. To drink
b. Drink
c. Drinks
d. Drinking

6. Eko, Yoga and Nanda best friend.
a. Is
b. Am
c. Was
d. Are

7. I and my friends … in library. We read some books
a. Am
b. Is
c. Have
d. Are

8. She … not work because she has flu.
a. Is
b. Does
c. Do
d. Be

9. Alina … song every night.
a. Sings
b. Sing
c. Is
d. Does

10. Our English teacher always . . . . . . . our homework every week.
a. Check
b. Checked
c. Checking
d. Checks


1. c. Understand
2. b. Is
3. b. Rotates
4. c. Are
5. b. Drink
6. d. Are
7. d. Are
8. b. Does
9. a. Sings
10. d. Checks