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5 Soal (Uraian) Future Perfect Tense dan Jawaban

Contoh Soal (Esai) Tentang Future Perfect Tense

1. What is the function of future perfect tense?

The future perfect tense is often used to indicate a point in the future at which a certain action or situation will have been happening for a given length of time. For example: “It's hard to believe that by next month we'll have been married for 10 years.”

2. What is the helping verb of future perfect tense?

The future perfect tense form of a verb has two parts:
The future tense form of 'to be' – known as helping verb or auxillary verb – will/shall. Past participle form of the main verb.

3. Is there a future perfect tense?

The future perfect tense is only for actions that will be complete before a specified point in the future. In other words, the action you're talking about must have a deadline. If you don't mention a deadline, use the simple future tense instead of the future perfect tense.

4. Kapan Penggunaan Future Perfect Tense?

Future Perfect Tense adalah bentuk tense yang digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu kejadian yang akan selesai di masa yang akan datang. Ketika kita menggunakan Tense ini, kita membawa diri kita ke masa yang akan datang dan melihat kembali kejadian yang akan selesai pada saat itu.

5. Future Perfect Tense menggunakan verb berapa?

Future perfect tense dibentuk dengan auxiliary verb will dan have, dan past participle (verb-3).