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18 (Pilihan Ganda) Causative Verb dan Jawaban

Contoh Soal Pilgan Tentang Causative Verb

1. The student makes the music ….
A. To play
B. Played
C. Plays
D. Playing

B. Played

2. She …. me … English.
A. Help – Learns
B. Helps – Learns
C. Helps – Learn
D. Help - learn

C. Helps – Learn

3. Nita menyuruh/meminta saya untuk datang ke rumahnya sekarang.
A. Nita has me come to her house right now.
B. Nita make me come to her house right now.
C. Nita gets me to came to her house right now.
D. Nita make me to came to her house right now

A. Nita has me come to her house right now.

4. Mario gets his house….
A. Renovate
B. Renovates
C. Renovating
D. Renovated

D. Renovated

5. My mother … me to help her finishing her cooking.
A. Allow
B. Allows
C. Allowed
D. Allowing

B. Allows

6. My brother lets his car …
A. Borrow
B. Borrowing
C. Borrowed
D. Borrows

C. Borrowed

7. My mother …to accompany my little sister to the swimming pool yesterday.
A. Has me
B. Have me
C. Had me
D. Have had me

C. Had me

8. Dina ….wait for her in front of bookstore for three hours.
A. Makes me
B. Make me
C. Making me
D. Made me

A. Makes me

9. Charles is getting his teachers ... him a make-up exam.
A. give
B. given
C. to give
D. to given

C. To give

10. Because she is ill, she wants ... into her room.
A. to have her breakfast brought
B. to have brought her breakfast
C. having her breakfast brought
D. she brings her brreakfast

A. To have her breakfast brought

11. Emma got her paper .... by a friend.
A. type
B. typed
C. to type
D. to typed

B. Typed

12. Mrs. Claire had her house ... .
A. paint
B. painted
C. to paint
D. to paint

B. Painted

13. “Tono is a lazy boy . ”
“Yes, he always wants...for him.
A. everything done
B. having done everything
C. to have done everything
D. everything having been done
E. to have everything done

A. Everything done

14. “ What a lovely gown you’re wearing!
Do you make it yourself?”
“No, I ...”
A. to be made
B. had it made
C. had to make it
D. had to made it
E. having made it

B. Had it made

15. The teacher helped Carolina ...the research materials.
A. found
B. find
C. finding
D. to find

B. Find

16. A stranger helped the lost child ... his home.
A. found
B. finding
C. to find
D. to found

C. To find

17. The doctor made the patient ... in bed.
A. stay
B. to stay
C. stayed
D. to stayed

A. Stay

18. Dr. Clark is letting the students ... in the papers on Monday.
A. hand
B. handed
C. to hand
D. to handed

A. Hand