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Soal (Pilihan Ganda) Sosiolinguistics dan Jawaban

Contoh Soal Pilgan Tentang Sociolinguistics

1. The function of language is not only to enable people to store knowledge but also to …
A. incorporate social and cultural factors
B. transmit their culture to succeeding generations
C. function the real world in different circumstances
D. transfer sounds and letters that have meaning

2. According to Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, language influences the way people see the world, which means every language has …… upon what the people who use, see, feel, think and talk about it.
A. a different meaning
B. natural aspects
C. an effect
D. its own characters

3. The difference between speech and written language is that speech tends to be people-centered while written tends to be … centered
A. redundancy
B. context
C. expression
D. topic

4. Which of the following doesn’t influence social structure toward the language usage?
A. Status
B. Size
C. Boundaries
D. Culture

5. Sociolinguistics is concerned with investigating the relationship between language and society with the goal being a better understanding of the structure of language and of how … .
A. communication is applied in a society
B. language function in communication
C. to maintain social relationship
D. society in relation to language

6. Sociolinguistics takes as its primary task to map linguistics variation on to … .
A. professional organization
B. historical fields
C. social conditions
D. cultural events

7. The language change in such a synchronic way is happened by variation … .
A. over time
B. at a single point of time
C. sociolinguistics approach
D. social context

8. The relationship of language and culture in language study is closely related to the way we think, and to the way we behave and … .
A. influence the behaviors of others
B. identify person’s social
C. classify construction of language
D. indicate the existence of certain people

9. One of the applied sociolinguistics field which is something the speaker assumes to be the case prior to make an utterance is called … .
A. cultural identity
B. intercultural
C. presupposition
D. linguistic nationalism

10. The followings are included as switch code factors, except … .
A. to whom you are talking
B. for what you are talking
C. the social context of the talk
D. the function and the topic of the discussion

11. Someone from West Java then comes to his village and he or she can only share one code or variety, the most probable language or code to be used is … .
A. Javanese
B. Sundanese
C. Indonesian
D. Padangese

12. The social distance is a dimension that influences language usage toward the code choice which deals with …. .
A. the factors affecting code
B. the patterns of language used
C. selecting an appropriate variety or code
D. how well do they know each other


1. B. transmit their culture to succeeding generations
2. C. an effect
3. D. topic
4. D. Culture
5. B. language function in communication
6. C. social conditions
7. B. at a single point of time
8. A. influence the behaviors of others
9. C. presupposition
10. B. for what you are talking
11. B. Sundanese
12. D. how well do they know each other