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10 Soal (Uraian) Introduction to English Literature dan Jawaban

Contoh Soal (Esai) Tentang Introduction to English Literature

1. What is the 2 types of literature?

Literature can generally be divided into two types; prose and poetry. Prose consists of those written within the common flow of conversation in sentences and paragraphs, while poetry refers to those expressions in verse, with measure and rhyme, line and stanza and has a more melodious tone

2. Who is the father of English literature?

Geoffrey Chaucer
Geoffrey Chaucer. He was born in London sometime between 1340 and 1344. He was an English author, poet, philosopher, bureaucrat (courtier), and diplomat. He is also referred to as the father of English Literature

3. What is a level English literature like?

English Literature consists of detailed study of plays, poetry and novels; making you think critically and analytically about the texts. The first year (AS) includes: the study of two modern novels, a modern play, two poetry texts, and a literary critical text. There is a coursework option.

4. Why is Chaucer important to English literature?

One of the reasons Chaucer is so important is that he made the decision to write in English and not French. In the centuries following the Norman invasion, French was the language spoken by those in power. The Canterbury Tales was one of the first major works in literature written in English.

5. What is English literature subject?

English Literature refers to the study of texts from around the world, written in the English language. ... An English Literature major will likely examine texts including poetry, drama, and prose fiction, perhaps briefly covering more contested forms of literature in their chosen path.

6. Who is the first poet of English literature?

Today is the feast day of Caedmon, the first known English poet. As well as being the first named poet in the English literary tradition, he is also a significant figure in the history of people who hate singing in public, people who develop new talents later in life, and of cowherds.

7. How can I remember history of English literature?

You have to read the book completely at least twice. You have to read it in order. Thorough reading of the book will make you learn about different periods in the History of English Literature. You will have a perception of the ideology of a certain age/period of English Literature.

8. What is the difference between literature in English and English literature?

English literature refers to the literary works written in Great Britain and British colonies whereas literature in English refers to literary works from all over the world written in any other language. ... English literature mainly reflects the English culture, while literature in English mirrors diverse cultures.

9. What are the characteristics of English literature?

Characteristics of English Literature
1. The English Language. English has more words than most languages, and those words have come from many different sources from all over the world. ...
2. Five (or Thereabouts) Common Themes in Dramatic Narrative. ...
3. Influences. ...
4. Utopianism.

10. Who is the mother of English literature?

Before there was Jane Austen or even the gleam in Mr. Bronte's eye that would engender his three novelist daughters, there was Frances (Fanny) Burney, master of the novel of social courtship, and according to Virginia Woolf, “the mother of English fiction.”